Do I require an ATV PASS?

No. You do not require an ATV pass for our event. The trail is on private and crown land.

Can I wait to register on the day of the event?

No you cannot wait to register on the day of the event. In order to ensure a smooth and pleasant event for all participants, we ask that you register before the event. Space is limited to 400 riders to ensure the safety and quality of the trails that we use. Consideration also has to be made for our meal preparation and prizing. We will not accept anyone on the day of event that has not registered beforehand.

How long is the route and will you need extra gas?

The route is approximately 75km long. Most bikes can travel this distance on one tank of gas however keep in mind that this does not include “playing around in the mud.” We encourage people to enjoy themselves when it comes to mud holes and getting stuck. If the trail is really torn up and muddy (due to weather) you will consume more gas. So please make sure that your bike is full before you start out on our trails. Bottom line is that you know your bikes limitations and that it never hurts to have a small jerry can “just in case.”

What is the age you have to be to enter into the atv run?

The age requirement for our run is 16 years of age, which is the necessary age to operate an ATV on any trail system in Ontario. We also ask that you carry your valid license and insurance cards with you on our trails. There is a waiver everyone has to sign claiming they have a valid license and insurance.

What skill level do you have to be to participate?

We rank our run as “for intermediate to advanced riders.” We do provide alternate routes around the deep mud holes for those who do not wish to drive through them and for those less skilled.

How long will it take to complete?

The Dungannon Recreation opens up at 8:00 am on Saturday morning for signing registrants in. The latest we want participants heading out onto the trails is 11 am. If you leave during this time slot it should only take you approximately 5-6 hours to complete. However this does not take into account the time spent on the trail socializing and playing in the mud. We will post along the trail approximate distances for riders to judge accordingly. We also have our personnel following on the trail in case someone is in need of assistance or is having bike trouble. We aim to have everyone back at 6:00 pm at the latest in order to serve all of our participants supper and hand out the prizes.

Will a two-wheel drive sport bike be able to participate without any concerns?

We have had two wheel quads participate in the past with and without issues. All that we ask is that you travel with a group that has someone able and willing to “help” if need be. Also a lot will depend on what the weather does in the next month in regards to the amount of precipitation we receive.

Can you ride two up or with a passenger?

Yes we are allowing people to ride two up or with a passenger. We have had no problems in the past with this, providing that you stay on the marked trail.

What is the cost for a passenger if you are riding two up?

If both riders want to be entered for the draw for the ATV you will have to register twice, each at $125. The other option is that one rider registers as normal and the other pay $30 as a passenger which will cover their meals for the day. The $30 fee must be paid ahead a time through PayPal.